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For as long as I can remember I realized I never enjoyed playing as much as other dogs. And society made me feel like that was a problem. I never shared that natural behavior with other dogs and until now I’ve felt ashamed to admit it.

My History with Playing Fetch

It’s not like I didn’t try the play fetch with my humans. I put in some effort. But after chasing the same ball a few times, I can’t help thinking ‘What’s the point of life anyway?’ I just don’t see the purpose. Where does it lead? I think I might be more philosophically inclined than most dogs.

There’s nothing wrong with doing otherwise meaningless activities if it makes you happy. It’s like collecting figurines or stamps. It has no purpose but its fun for some and if that’s what make you happy, who am I to say otherwise.

After the about third time my humans throw the ball and they see me lose interest in running after it again I see the disappointment in their face and they ask, ‘Why?’. And I turn my head to the side and think ‘Yeah, exactly. Why? … Lets finish this hike and go to Roscoe’s and Waffles’

It’s not like I’m lazy. I regularly go on intense hour long hikes in the Hollywood Hills. I’m actually in excellent shape for a 10 year old .


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And sticks? Are you kidding me? I’m not putting that disgusting thing in my mouth. Although I don’t mind chewing on some fresh pine bark if I happen on it because it freshens my breath.

dog fetching a huge stick


So what i do like to do you ask? Besides the obvious things like barbecue, licking myself and sleeping on my humans bed, my favorite thing in the world is chasing the hose. I understand the irony. I will never actually ‘get the hose’. Its more about the journey. But this journey is so much more fun than simply playing Fetch.



To Fetch of Not to Fetch?

So if you’re the type of dog that enjoys mindlessly exciting yourself and running after things that you can’t actually catch and eat, then you will probably enjoy playing fetch. But if you’re like me, and playing fetch only reminds you of the repetitive, nihilistic nature of existence, its probably better if you train your humans not to play fetch. This inevitably comes back to my core philosophical governing principle of life, ‘Go with how you Feel’.

Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.

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