This guy’s ex-wife left him with nothing but a dog. So this is what he did… Dog News from around the Web

Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday. She took everything with her: the cookware, the furniture and furnishings, all their photos — everything. The only thing she left Rafael was the , a bull terrier named Jimmy Choo.

’With only Jimmy for company, I found inspiration in my blank walls and my best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy Choo as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee. When Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, I grabbed a marker and drew a new world around my ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, I felt this long-dormant inspiration for drawing — for art, for life — returning,’ recounts Rafael.

Soon, he’d made a whole series of photographs depicting various funny scenes with Jimmy. Now Rafael and his best friend have over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and in October a book is set to come out featuring the best photos of Jimmy.



Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.

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