The Mika Show

Episode 3 – Optimize my Keywords Mommy

Mika starts to get annoyed as she realizes her humans have been filming lots of funny videos about her, but haven’t uploaded them to youtube yet. She also wants to be sure that stupid mommy is properly optimizing the videos with the right keywords and tags. And when she thinks mommy is trying to sabotage her fame and fortune, she lets out a vicious ‘love attack’. Stupid Mommy.

Episode 2 – I’m the Unicorn of Dogs

Mika explains why she is the ‘Unicorn of Dogs’ and why she should be spoiled by mommy and which socks she prefers so mommy can wash & dry them for the morning walk.

Episode 1 – Day Drinking

Mika discovers mommy is day drinking and alerts Doug to this, hoping to get a treat for the information. Stupid Mommy.