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    Bring Home the Perfect Companion by Purchasing the American Bully Puppy

    Every person will agree with the fact that having an exotic pet dog is rewarding and the best decision of life. Dogs are adorable, loyal and friendly. In fact, they are the greatest companions of mankind. Dogs have a popularity that can defeat anyone in the popularity chart, though people surely have their preferences. While some people like the delicate Chihuahua, some others like the playful Labrador and Golden Retriever. However, there’s one breed that has been recently introduced and taking the world by storm. The American bully is undoubtedly the fastest growing breed ever. People are drooling over these adorable American bully puppies and every second person wants to own or adopt one.
    The American Bully was recognized by the United Kennel Club on July 15, 2013. People often confuse the American Bully to Pit Bull and Bulldog, but what distinguishes this breed from the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire terrier is its physical appearance. The American Bully has a “bullier” build and much heavier bone structure. The exotic American Bully is a reinvented breed that was formed with the idea of being the ultimate companion breed. The American Bully also constitutes different forms on the basis of its size. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Pocket Size American Bully – A Pocket Bully is defined by the adult dog’s height. Males below 17″ and females under 16″ are recognized as Pocket Bully.

    Standard American Bully – The American Bully gives the impression of great strength because of its size. Standard Bully is a compact and medium size dog with a blocky head and muscular body. The American Bully has the heavy bone structure with a bulky build and appearance. They are highly popular among the people of America.

    Checkmate Kennels is committed to breeding the best quality American Bullies which are registered at UKC and ABKC from two of the best bloodlines. Their aim is to provide purebred dogs with exceptional coloring, structure, and strength. They breed the Gotti and Razors Edge bloodlines in their safe kennel facility. They offer the best American Bullies and nurture them in a healthy environment. They are one of the recognized names in providing a great range of Bully studs and other related services.

    About Checkmate Kennels:

    Checkmate Kennels is a recognized name in breeding top of the line American Bullies of Pocket American Bully and Gotti bloodlines.

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