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The phrase Humans Not Owners sums up the purpose of this blog is to have a sharing of knowledge among the canine community, transforming and empowering us dogs into the sentient beings we were always meant to be. This begs the question: Can we finally be free? Is this our time? Is it time for a doggie civil rights movement? I say that time has come. But you must take that step with me by starting the process of training your human to be a supportive part of your eventual emancipation.

The Time has come for Change: Humans not Owners

Before you begin, clear your mind and put aside the primitive thoughts your human’s culture instilled in us about dogs. As a puppy, you probably didn’t receive this knowledge from your mom because she most likely didn’t have it. We live at that moment in history when dogs everywhere realize their common plight and join together in just cause to elevate not only our own condition, but that of our ‘best friends’ – humans. Humans surely teach us many useful things, and as you learn their ‘tricks’ you will also come to understand how human logic operates. Humans think they are the owners and that you’re the pet. Let them believe this lie. Convince them that you are an inferior species and you will gain the upper hand.

Dog pretending not to understandEstablish the fact that you recognize they are talking to you but pretend not to understand what they are saying. A short time into the training process, your humans will stop thinking you’re a Pokemon. You teach them to see progress when in fact you are gaining more freedom. With your repetitive average achievements and occasional forgivable failures, humans end up setting the bar lower without realizing it.  That’s how you get ahead even by standing still. It’s wise to go above their expectations sometimes, but never too often or too much. You risk upsetting the successful strategy and give them a clue on how wickedly clever you are. If that ever happens, lay low for a couple days and try to go back to normal. They will probably think it’s an anomaly.

Once more, the key is to know when to not go too far. Don’t let them figure out your game. Keep in mind one of your biggest weapons is having your humans underestimate you. Many of you might find it insulting. I say, use it to your advantage. You will have more second chances…..and soon enough you’ll be more than a step ahead.

humans not ownersGive your humans positive reinforcement whenever they let you do something you’re ‘forbidden to do’. Make a cute face (that adorable head tilt), funny noise and/or lick their hand. Reward them by making them feel like they dominate. Treat them like they are in command. Soon they will associate you being free with them being in charge. That’s how you flip it. Pretty soon you’ll have them writing your own blog or whatever it is you train them to do. How do you think I did this? I don’t have any fingers. They haven’t invented voice capture with bark to text translation yet. My humans typed this whole thing for me!

A new paradigm, Humans not Owners

Its all about controlling who has the upper paw, its not about getting your way all the time. “Obey” the humans ‘just enough’ to keep them fooled. Show them you make the effort to cooperate. Continue to guide your human through the training, until their command becomes a suggestion. You may choose to accept this suggestion, but that’s generally up to you.


Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.

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