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Hello and welcome to  on Blog, where we want to help you get the most out of your . Where dogs are more than just man’s best friend. It’s a place where all animals can communicate and come together to see the world in a new way. The ”raison d’etre” of this blog can be summed up in the question:

How can dogs help make the world a better place
and how can the world be a better place for dogs?

Of course we improve human’s life by rescuing the stranded, guiding the blind, herding the cattle, and lowering their chance of having a heart attack. Humans give us health specialist, groomers, squeaky toys and provide us with “free” food and shelter. But how do we maximize every experience, increase the pleasure, savor every bite of life like the best beef jerky you ever chewed?

So I am currently writing my third book ‘How to Get the Most Out of Your Dog Life’. Most dogs think or were taught to believe their destiny is reduced to turning food into poop. That’s completely untrue! Your dog life has more to offer than you could possibly imagine and that’s what this blog is all about. It’s similar to chicken stew . . . . for the dog’s soul.

Why a Blog for Dogs? This blog is written by dogs for dogs but it is recommended for human consumption as well. We saw the beginning of canine social media integration go viral with ‘’pet’’ videos and memes created by humans (and, let’s face it. mostly for human humor). Now we start to see the first avant-garde dog bloggers emerging and Dog On Blog is part of this epic movement that I hope inspires all species to do the same.

getting the most out of your dog life

Although we can always count on sniffing each other’s rear-end to determine our true doggie essence, social media allows us to share and connect and grow as a part of the Canine Community. Express your pawsonnality. Leave your trace on the www! When you, as the proud dog you are, begin to establish the concept with your human that you’re not their pet, but their voluntary co-habitant, a loyal and loving partner on this unpredictable and unjust journey of life, you take the first step down the path of getting the most out of your dog life.

Once you establish the dynamic of equal, voluntary, co-habitant you will really start getting the most out of your dog life.


Lets face it, us dogs only live 15 years when lucky, so we have to enjoy every moment as much as we can . . . and humans have a moral imperative to help make this happen. That means, getting us our own tacos when you stop at the taco truck after partying all night. Don’t just let us lick the box with a few lingering shreads of precious carnitas.

I think if humans humanize (and monetize) their “pets” it’s only logical to give them the same rights. It benefits us all if humans understand how us dogs think, what we feel and why we are ready for doggie emancipation. If dogs and humans are on the same level, a new, truer conversation can take place.

Photo Credit: The featured image is  – He’s Super Cool, Follow Him! He gets more out of his dog life than other dog I’ve encountered. Check out his article at buzzfeed – Way to go Jojo!

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Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.

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