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In human culture, the word is used to mean two diametrically opposed things. 1. a cool, in control chick or 2. a dumb, embarrassing, white-trash-acting stupid person, most commonly in reference to the female gender. However, it should be noted that males of the species use this derogatory term on other males as well. When they do, it’s with even more degrading intent than if used against a woman. This is because the user is accusing the recipient of being a female bitch themselves. This is often the precursor to an event ending in violence. Stupid humans.

Being a badass bitch myself (I am a female canine after all) it really annoys me when the word is used to describe a stupid girl. An awesome female and a stupid girl are two complete opposites. Not only have you misused the word, but you’ve given it a bad reputation at the same time. Yeah, I’m barking at you, !

Now that we’ve gotten that prerequisite information out of the way, we can get on to the actual point of writing this article.

If humans are going to re-appropriate this word to suit their own needs, then they should also ready to embrace basic civil rights for dogs and the idea of the eventual emancipation of our entire species. This is a topic for another blog, but please keep in mind that you call us your best friends. So if we are your best friends, don’t we deserve to live free like you? Or are we just your slave best friends, forever forced to wait for whatever leftover scraps magnanimously make it to our dog bowl?

“What a dumb Bitch.”

I do like it however when girls use the word ‘bitch’ in a positive and empowering way like ‘These are all my Bitches’. In owning this word which usually comes with such negative stereotypes, female humans are proclaiming their conscience rejection of the male driven impulse to insult us and hold us down.

Bitches Everywhere Unite

But if humans are ready to use that word, they must also be ready to accept the responsibility that goes with it and commit to seeing us as equals . . . maybe not in terms of mental and carpal capacity but as thoughtful, feeling, loving and emotional beings just like you, who want to find our own happiness, most often involving some combination of meats. It’s illogical to use the word ‘bitch’ and not recognise we are sentient beings just like you. If not you’re only reinforcing the stereotype of post-colonial culturally appropriating vampires that humans are generally accused of being.

Don’t be that dumb bitch.

Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.

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