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In human culture, the word #bitch is used to mean two diametrically opposed things. 1. a cool, in control #badass chick or 2. a dumb, embarrassing, white-trash-acting stupid person, most commonly in reference to the female gender. However, it should be noted that males of the species use this derogatory term on other males as well. When they do, it’s with even more degrading intent...

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Maybe I’m biased, but I thought the husky won the #Dog vs Imam duet. His singing was much better than the Imam’s call to prayer and much funnier. There was nothing funny at all about the Imam’s singing. My father was actually an alaskan malamute, which is very closely related to Huskies. Can you see the resemblance? I tend to howl myself, but only when...

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All Dogs go to Heaven? Current Events / Home / Pop Culture

Recently, some dog friends of mine brought it to my attention that the pope made a statement declaring something to the effect that ‘Yes, it’s true, all dogs to indeed go to heaven'. My initial reaction to this was ‘duh’, of course all dogs go to heaven. As a species, were some of the most lovable, loyal, dependable creatures ever to walk the face of the earth. Who doesn’t love dogs. People that hate life, that’s who.