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Camping with Humans – A Desperate Attempt To Reconnect With Nature

After living most of my adult life as a relatively sedentary canine, my artsy finally decided to take us on a ‘ trip’. If you can imagine what camping is like from a ’s point of view, you’re already having a laugh. So What is it like ?

At first I thought camping could be a chance to bring us back to the moment when dogs and humans partnered to face the challenges of survival. When we realized we had so much in common and together accomplished more than we could alone. So when I found myself in the forest, I was expecting to revive and practice some of my wild and primitive skills. I was ready for hunting, crucial territory surveillance, physical endurance, all the unexpected adventures that entail camping with humans!


There are no bears out there, right?

Channeling my inner wolf spirit

Ya, right.

What I witnessed was a sophisticated display of camping gear, tons of disposable kitchen ware and supplies packed in travel size nonsense. Why 1.3oz of everything? Really, two bags of trash after only one night? That’s without counting the massive recycling bag filled with empty booze bottles. Camping with humans is a joke.

Though I must admit it’s quite impressive to see humans have a ‘’good time’’. Is that what cave men were like? Perhaps what makes humans distinct animals is all the alcohol consumption. And yes, you also have the slick fire instruments. I admit, I admire the fancy gadgets you use to spark fire without relying on primitive methods.

I gazed at the camp fire as my humans made smores and played drinking games. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Is this how humans reconnect with nature?’


He’s connecting face first with nature.

On the other hand, humans buy more meat than they can ever eat. It seems like when camping, they are faced with the hypothetical threat of starvation. Lucky for me, they bring too many provisions from fear of being outdoors without survival skills. So if they should end up stranded in the wilderness for an extra 24 hours with no food, the excessive over-eating might rescue them. With such full bellies nobody was desperate to hunt and gather. I was not even watching and listening for predators. I began to feel like I had lost touch with my own instincts since I had no need to rely on my ancestral canine knowledge. And all the dogs I saw there were pretty much the same. We gave each other an understanding nod, expressing our common feeling of alienation mixed with the indulgence of fire cooked meat.

When Camping with Humans, you will benefit from an abundance of extra meat

camping with humans - Keep those sausages coming guys!

Keep those sausages coming guys!

The truth is I’m more of a wuss than I ever thought. It gets cold at night! (I have short fur, okay?) I kept waking up at the sound of the raccoons in the night. When I peeked out I saw their shiny eyes, and because I don’t have good night vision I didn’t want to get in a messy fight followed by stitches and rabies shots. In the early morning, blue jays and squirrels would gang up to steal our leftover food. ‘Its just scraps I thought’ so I remained near my humans for protection.

I soon realized we dogs have come to a new phase of intelligence in our history. We prefer dining to hunting, resting on plush bedding instead of the dirty forest ground. We are using knowledge to forge our cultural identity and playing a more active, conscious role in the world. We stopped thinking about how to survive, and reflect more on how to enjoy living. Camping with humans is a somewhat pathetic but nevertheless endearing attempt for both humans and dogs to reconnect with each other and nature.


Channeling my inner wolf spirit, northern beaches of California

We stopped thinking about how to survive and reflected more on how to enjoy living.

When we finally got to the motel on the last night, I admitted to myself that I missed my comfy mattress, custom temperature control, WIFI, and Chipotle across the street. I fell asleep on a cozy queen bed, dreaming of Red Woods and endless dunes.


Goodnight y’all. I’m burnt.

Born in Montreal Canada, I convinced my human to move all the way to sunny California, not only because my paws were freezing in the winter, but because I always knew I can reach a larger community here, in dog-friendly Los Angeles.


  1. We stopped thinking about how to survive, and reflect more on how to enjoy living.



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